Hello, World.

I'm Adam Da Costa.


Let me introduce myself.

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Hello my name is Adam, I am studying in paris at the european buisness school. I am actively looking for an opportunity to work, develop and become involved in an organization in the world of finance. I am looking for a 4 month internship in a consulting group.


In my free time I play Basketball twice a week, I am particularly interested in the world of fashion and architecture.

  • Fullname: Adam Da Costa
  • Birth Date: November 26, 1998
  • Student: EBS, Master finance
  • Email: adamdacosta@outlook.fr


I was able to develop several concepts during my studies in finance.

  • 90%
    Financial analysis
  • 85%
    Financial accounting
  • 70%
    Buisness game
  • 95%
    Cost accounting
  • 75%
    Financial statistics